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Toddlers & Two’s

As infants become mobile, exploration takes center stage. As babies begin to crawl and walk, they need a safe place to discover their surroundings. That’s exactly what they find in our Toddler Room. Toddlers receive love and encouragement throughout the day; spotlighting new discoveries and accomplishments. Teachers understand the importance of balancing independence and providing security. A daily report outlines your child’s feeding, diaper changes, daily routine and developmental progress.

The Toddlers daily schedule provides more structure than the infant room, allowing the opportunity to develop daily routines. Teachers continue to work in large groups, but begin to introduce small groups that provide meaningful experiences that respond to needs, children’s strengths and interests. Our curriculum celebrates accomplishments and encourages new skills.

The classroom design provides the foundation of security as children feel safe to move and explore. Developmentally appropriate equipment and toys fill the room to encourage learning through play. The room may contain cribs; as teachers transition children to sleeping mats. Children are also switching to center menus and foods.

Every child has a designated space to hold personal items and supplies. In the Toddler Room, parents continue to provide formula and food until the child has completely transitioned to center menus. Diapers and baby wipes will continue to be supplied by the family until the child is fully potty trained.

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